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Identifying “thought-leaders” among blogs

I suppose it is a bit late in the game to be suggesting altenative metrics for blog analysis. If only we had more time… Nevertheless, this site purports to list and rank the “thought-leaders” in an entirely different domain: church … Continue reading

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Twitter Firehose (almost)

This site just posted a demo of the current state of the Twitter firehose. It is still just a sampling of the full stream – a “statistically insignificant” percentage. They discuss it briefly in their blog. Still, it gives a … Continue reading

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Visualizing Social Media Search

A couple interesting apps. May come in handy if we ever want to actually draw pictures of all this stuff: The Social Collider The Social Collider [] data visualization reveals cross-connections between conversations on Twitter. One can search for usernames … Continue reading

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Tracking Wikipedia Edits

I’ll definitely want to keep an eye on this site and the author’s methodology. Looks very interesting. (Albeit a bit dated. Interest in the site appears to have peaked a couple years ago.) From the site: “Wikirage is a tool … Continue reading

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Time-Lapse video of Flight 1549 On Wikipedia: 90 Minutes; 176 Edits

Came across this 3 minute video which dramatically demonstrates the speed and power of social media. This is a time lapse video containing screen captures of the Wikipedia page about Flight 1549. It portrays 176 different edits to the page … Continue reading

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