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Forecasting for IEEE

IEEE Spectrum invited me to contribute to their “Survey of the Future”, prognosticating what I expect the future will look like technologically over the next two decades. For the record, here are my predictions: In 10 years: Ubiquitous computing: internet … Continue reading

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Hidden Brain Stuff

In a recent Vanderbilt study, researchers determined that we might not know what we think we know. Or perhaps we know what we don’t really know. Or something like that. Anyways, here’s the case in point: even though you may … Continue reading

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Just A Little Visual Studio Time Saver

CodeProject If you use the Visual Studio wizard for the UnitTest framework, you’ll find your test code littered with these helpful reminders: // TODO: Initialize to an appropriate value And by “littered” I mean there are hundreds, if not thousands, … Continue reading

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Runnable: The next Library of Alexandria, or just another Lycos?

Styling themselves as the “YouTube of Code”, the new kid on the code-block has some lofty aspirations. Runnable is the latest in a long line of public code repositories. Their stated aim: “to become the central repository for developers to … Continue reading

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Youtube and Vimeo: Adjust Video Playback Speed

I like to watch a number of educational and informational videos (Programming tutorials, TED Talks, etc), but I am impatient. The average person speaks at 125-150 words per minute, but we can comprehend speech up to approximately 500 words per … Continue reading

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A word of advice…

CodeProject In a recent Stack Exchange post titled “Is there any way to get faster at solving bugs? I’ve just had a warning from my boss”, a guy who’s been a programmer for 10 years shared his concern about being … Continue reading

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My proposal for the new GOP logo

Mark McNelly has some interesting ideas for re-branding the Republican Party. He also suggested a couple new logos for them (to replace the old elephant). With all due respect, I think his logos are quite uninspiring. So I thought I’d … Continue reading

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