profile_picSolving challenging technical problems in effective and creative ways, employing 10+ years in Computer Science and SW development, along with strong interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills to help lead teams into cutting-edge effectiveness.

After graduating from Washington State University in Computer Science (undergrad + masters), I’ve spent over 10 years in software development, mostly for a National Laboratory, and more recently for a startup engineering company. This has provided me with a very diverse set of experiences and skills. I have worked extensively in such technologies as C++ (w/ MFC, STL, & Boost), C#, Python, and Qt. Over the years I have also become familiar with VB.Net, VBA, HTML/XML, SQL, WPF/XAML, Bison/Flex, Office automation, Java, GIS (GDAL) and Open Inventor. I also have a strong background in mathematics & graphics and have delved deeply into graph and network theory, information visualization, data analytics, and SCADA/HMIs. I consider myself a Windows expert with Linux/Mac experience.



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“Study of an Old Man” by Jan Lievens, circa 1630

This picture has always captivated me. In a quirky way, it is what I aspire to become, someday: a wisened, weathered, devout man of God, still looking up to the Light, in humble resolute dependence. The artist, Jan Lievens, was a devout man of God himself (at least in his older life, from what I can tell from his other paintings [more here]). He was a friend and colleague of Rembrandt, and the two men influenced each others styles. His Lamentation of Christ may have been painted around the same time as his Old Man.


2 Responses to About

  1. DJM says:

    You are on WordPress!! Very cool. How long have you been here? I love it!!

    • kmote00 says:

      Hey bro! Thanks for stopping by. (And thanks for the WordPress recommendation — I love it. I’m sorry I took so long to make the switch!) So how did you find it?

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