Visual Studio 2014: A Taste of Things to Come…

While I’m not ready to jump ship from VS2012 just yet, the just-released VS2014 CTP3 has some pretty cool features (Expand the DetailsgTechnology Improvements items on that page). Some highlights*:

· Custom Layouts to make it easy for you to save custom layouts. In CTP 3, these Custom Layouts roam: any custom layouts you create will synchronize across machines that have the CTP 3 installed when you sign into the IDE with the same account.

· “PerfTips” – now see how long code took to execute directly in the editor when code execution exceeds a threshold. (More details here).

· “Lightbulbs” – If you have an issue in your code, placing your editor caret on the line where the issue is shown or hovering over the issue will present a light bulb that shows helpful actions you can take to resolve the problem together with a preview of the results of each action.

· C# refactoring support has been completely revamped. There are two new core refactorings: Inline Temporary Variable and Introduce Explaining Variable. Additionally, refactoring support for Visual Basic has been added for the first time.

* Note: Some of these features are from earlier releases of VS2014 (i.e., CTP1 & CTP2).

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